Organic Garden

From Nature

to Your Table

Seek to establish a quiality environment connected to nature and will be accompanied by a program of activities that encourages the knowledge and consumption of these vital plants while providing a range of new activities, gastronomic products and opportunities for the interconnection of ties in our community.

Organic Garden


In our main access we intervene a space of 300 linear meters with a design of native and endemic pastures that responds to the reality of drought and water scarcity during the dry season, supporting the regeneration of limestone soils, ensuring a vegetal cover to throughout the year.

Edible Forest

In the Grill area you can find an edible forest designed with edible and medicinal crops to live the "farm to table" experience, along with tables and exclusive palapas for residents, players and club members. we created these zones to live the experience of collecting freshly harvested food in our transition spaces between the fields and to provide a new series of gastronomic and social experiences to our members.

Urban Gardens

In the Village area a series of planters was established that fuses a xeriscaping design of pastures, succulents and native plants with medicinal and fruit herbs for the production of herbal teas and seasonal hasvest. A community garden in development seeks to generato a special space for the residents of the Village where they can cultivate, learn and relax in a context of edible landscaping that provides a basic basket of high quality and biodiversity.

Presales Now Underway