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Why Include Corasol in Your Real Estate Portfolio?

  • Reputation Preservation: We understand the paramount importance of nurturing enduring client relationships. That's why our brand promise is unwavering commitment to delivering quality.
  • Backed by one of Mexico's Largest Business Groups: Corasol operates under the auspices of one of Mexico's most formidable corporate conglomerates, with multiple ongoing projects spanning various regions of Mexico.
  • Did you know that 80% of our clientele hails from the United States and Canada? Promote our projects and refer clients from anywhere in the world with confidence.
  • A Diverse Range of Projects: Our portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of offerings, including houses, condos, land, beachfront properties, and more.
  • Premium Quality: Each of our units offers exquisite views of the Gran Coyote golf course or the ocean, coupled with a cutting-edge architectural design.
  • Secure Commission Structure: We guarantee the timely payment of your 6% commission.
  • Comprehensive Support: Benefit from the assistance of our in-house sales team to facilitate seamless transactions with your clients. Additionally, our team of legal experts and architects, along with our full infrastructure, ensures an unparalleled experience for your clients.