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Hugo Salinas Sada

Is a Mexican businessman who showed passion and talent for business from his youth.

At the age of 23, he created Tiendas Neto a hard discount company focused on providing non-durable consumer goods for Mexico's less economically favored population.

Currently, Tiendas Neto has more than 1,500 store s in 19 of the 32 states across all the country. It has more than 10,000 employees and is in the Top 10 of the Great Place to Work ranking.

Hugo Salinas Sada has found great passion and inspiration in design and architecture. Both disciplines motivated him to start Origina, an innovative and exclusive concept of real estate developments that have positioned because of the architectural and lifestyle concepts they offer.

Another of his passions is golf Hugo Salinas Sada is committed to impact and grow the game. He has linked golf to his real estate business in a significant residential community in the Riviera Maya named Corasol which hosts the Gran Coyote known as the best golf course in the area

His intuition and career driven by entrepreneurship have led him to occupy relevant business positions such as Founder and Chairman of the Board of Tiendas Neto, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Origina, Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee Grupo Salinas, and Member of the Board of Grupo Elektra.

He is also part of YPO, founded in 1950, a group recognized for being made up of worldwide members who became successful and business leaders at a young age.

costa corasol riviera maya

Origina - The Developer

Origina is driven to redefine and reimagine the connection between modern well-being and stylish everyday living. Their vision for Corasol sets a new standard for comfort, added value and security.

Two World-Renowned Architects

Corasol has the unique benefit of being crafted by two leading design studios, both known for breaking boundaries in modern residential architecture. Their collaboration on Corasol highlights and embraces the resort’s one-of-a-kind natural setting.

Sordo Madaleno

Founded in 1937, this Mexico City-based architecture and design studio has garnered numerous awards for its forward-thinking creations, all of which fuse practicality with dream-like inspirations to deliver a sublimely elevated living experience.


Also based in Mexico City, this renowned architecture studio has been innovating modern designs since its inception in 2010. Its portfolio ranges from residential and retail projects to yachts, restaurants and hotels.

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TOTAL AREA : 785m2